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Here Now, A Map of Possible Bike Share Stations

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Earlier this week, it was announced that Citi Bank will be sponsoring NYC's forthcoming bike share, and now the DOT has released a draft map of locations for possible stations. All locations were chosen from the thousands of suggestions the DOT received, and the map shows hundreds of possible sites south of 62nd Street in Manhattan, in parts of Brooklyn, and in Long Island City. Brooklynites living in the central and southern parts of the bike-loving borough may fly into a rage when they see there are no blue dots below Atlantic Avenue, but fear not: the DOT is still working out the details for Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights, and Crown Heights. The same goes for the Upper East and West Sides.

In addition to the Google map overview, the DOT has created detailed neighborhood maps showing exactly where the stations could go and upon which type of real estate they will be placed?the sidewalk, private property, the street (parking or non-parking), a public plaza, park, or NYCHA property. Click through for a look at one of the maps and a picture of the pretty blue "Citi Bikes" that will take to the streets on July 1.

You can find 18 more detailed neighborhood maps here. And this is what we'll all be zipping around on:

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