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Statue of Liberty's Face Gets Planted on Governors Island

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As part of an interactive sculpture garden coming to Governors Island this summer, a life-size replica of Lady Liberty's face will be peering up out of the ground, as if someone buried the beloved icon in the earth. The surrealist sculpture will be joined by a treehouse made from stuff found on Brooklyn streets, a strange 10-foot-tall dome that looks like something from a Dr. Seuss book, a bamboo eagle's nest, and seven other odd installations, all of which are occupying the island courtesy of creative non-profit FIGMENT. Governors Island opens May 26, and you can see the sculptures for yourself every weekend from June 9 to September 23.

TreeHouse by Benjamin Jones is made out of materials reclaimed from the streets of Brooklyn. The playhouse debuted last year, and it is returning for a second round of fun

Called "The Circle of Intention," this 10-foot-tall, 12-foot-wide colorful Hoo-like pod is meant to spur positive thoughts.

This strange contraption, called the "Eagle's Nest" even though it really doesn't look like a nest, will be big enough for visitors to lounge under the wings, which are woven from bamboo.
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