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Village Man Reclaims What's His; Apartment Made of Toys

1) In this week's Hunt, a lone hunter stalks the streets of Greenwich Village. His prey: an old apartment that he ditched, under pressure from his now-ex-wife, to move to the Upper West Side. Free at last, he lies in wait, patiently, hungrily, until the banker to whom he sold the apartment lowers her asking price. When she does, he pounces. Finally, he is satisfied. His ex-wife hates her new place. [The Hunt/'Can't Get That Place Off My Mind']

2) A game designer, Eric, and his architectural designer girlfriend Nathalie, live in an excessively fun apartment in Greenpoint. Highlights include a crazy-shaped, colorful rug that was handmade in Nepal from 600 balls of felt, and shelves that they made themselves out of wine boxes. The article gets off to a fast start when Nathalie suggests that Eric became a game designer in an attempt to reconnect with his dead father. [Habitats/'The Fun Starts Here']

3) Residential real estate is making a comeback in Madison Square Park. Three buildings on the north side of the square have recently been converted in luxury condos, and two more are currently undergoing conversion. Trendy hotels, restaurants, and boutiques have also been springing up in the area. Despite all that, the only thing anybody seems to care about is Shake Shack. [A Square Comes Full Circle]