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Checking In With October's Swank-Off Contestants

Seven months ago, we pitted four new-to-market Park Avenue co-ops against each other and asked you, the reader, to weigh in on the +$6 million listings. Yesterday, we noticed that one of the four contestants, a penthouse in 1100 Park Avenue, had its price chopped from $6.35 million to $4.85 million, so we decided to check up on the other three. Whoever the anonymous commenter was who wrote, "Good luck selling these," he or she pretty much nailed it. It looks like unloading glamorous Park Ave co-ops is no small task.

Location: 1100 Park Avenue #PHB
Status: Majorly chopped
Was Asking: $6,350,000
Now Asking: $4,850,000

This penthouse duplex was taken off the market a couple weeks ago and re-listed yesterday with a new description, new photos, and significantly lower price tag. To be fair, the six million dollar ask was somewhat ambitious considering its size (the second floor is mostly terrace.) Still, that's one hefty chop.

Location: 1185 Park Avenue #14C
Status: Very slightly chopped
Was Asking: $6,995,000
Now Asking: $6,750,000

This prewar 3BR had $245,000 chopped off its price almost immediately after it was listed, but it's been holding steady for the past six months.

Location: 1075 Park Avenue #6D
Status: Stubborn
Was Asking: $6,200,000
Now Asking: $6,200,000

This modern-ish prewar 4BR is the only unsold unit in its building. It has undergone zero pricechops and zero re-listings. Hey, here's to optimism.

Location: 800 Park Avenue #FL5
Status: AWOL
Was Asking: $14,000,000
Now Asking: n/a

Somebody please remind us to check back on these places in another six months.
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1185 Park Avenue

1185 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10128