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Rough Play at Robert Moses for East End Hockey

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The online site for the East End Hockey Association (EEHA) spares no capitalization in its headline announcing the resurfacing of the long-neglected blacktop it's called home for 40 years: "ANNOUNC[ING] THE COMPLETION OF A NEWLY RESURFACED ROBERT MOSES PLAYGROUND!" But what the City gives five-plus years after a resurfacing is requested, it can take away so much quicker. Last weekend a large piece of machinery was parked on the playground's blacktop, where it appeared to be drilling exploratory samples. Holes and piles of debris were left beside 55 gallon drums and marked with orange traffic cones. It did not look very amenable to good roller hockey.

Bullet points of irony on the roller hockey association's web site:
· After 5+ years of pleading our case to the Community Board for a new hockey playing surface at Robert Moses Playground (42nd St. and 1st Ave) it finally happened.
· We are now pleased to announce that the playground is now totally resurfaced!
· Say goodbye - to bad passes, bouncing pucks, poor stick handling!
· Finally we can offer an organized roller hockey league of 5-on-5 (5 Skaters + Goalie) Hockey on a resurfaced full size playground!
· Now we can play hockey the way it is supposed to be played!
· Initially we will be holding open play sessions every Saturday.
· League play starting soon!
The City would like to trade Robert Moses Playground to the United Nations so it can build a large residential tower on the site in exchange for East River waterfront access. The start of open play for East End Roller Hockey players has been changed to "TBD" on its homepage.
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