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The Worst Real Estate Listings in New York: Meet the Winner!

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Last week we asked you, members of the Curbediverse, to send in the worst real estate listings you could find for a chance to win a one-year StreetEasy insider membership. And you delivered! We've deemed the worst listing to be the first one in the gallery above, 412 E 10th Street #2D. "Maybe without all the plastic on the furniture it would look livable.. but hey, at least it's waterproof!" writes the winning tipster. "I'm also not sure how you're supposed to open the dresser drawers in the bedroom without the bed getting in the way... And they are marketing it as a convertible 2 bedroom!" Oddly enough, the $320,000 property was delisted eight minutes before we began writing this post. Still available: a few of the runners-up, also pictured in the gallery above.
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