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Gene Kaufman Tapped to Revamp the Historic Hotel Bossert

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It's official: the landmarked Hotel Bossert in Brooklyn Heights will be returning to its origins. The Bossert has been functioning as apartments for the last several years under the ownership of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and now Brownstoner reports that developer David Bistricer plans to turn the building into a 302-unit hotel. And guess who has been tapped to execute the renovation?none other than Gene Kaufman, the mastermind behind the Hotel Chelsea's ongoing conversion. Bistricer said the facade will not be altered, but plans have not been finalized (will there be a rooftop addition?) and we can't imagine a Kaufman renovation of what was once considered the Waldorf-Astoria of Brooklyn leading to anything but disaster. No word yet on how much Bistricer paid for the building, although it could be close to the $90 million it almost sold for back in 2008.
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