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Cornerspotted: Paterno Castle of Washington Heights

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Yesterday's Cornerspotter puzzle featured a close-up image of a castle with a greenhouse and a driveway. What it didn't feature (and would have given everything away) is the heights upon which it was perched, high above the Hudson River in Inwood just north of present location of the George Washington Bridge. Paterno Castle, as it was called, was built in 1905 for Dr. Charles V. Paterno, an Italian immigrant who built a real estate fortune in New York City. Barely 40 years after Paterno had it built to the design of John C. Watson for $500,000, the castle was torn down in 1938 to make way for the repeating towers of Castle Village Apartments. The land-hungry population of New York was moving northwards, and as any real estate man knows: business is business.

This rendering of Castle Village shows the massive retaining wall that served as the base of Paterno Castle. The wall is still there, visible at close distance to anyone traveling along the West Side Highway. Dr. Paterno built his northern Manhattan home like a feudal castle across seven acres, with greenhouses, an indoor pool, and a large number of servants who worked on the grounds. In the photo below with the inset, one can make out the two semi-circular bastions on the wall that marked the orientation of the house on the grounds and the colonnaded pergola that ran along a good portion of the wall in front of the house.

Thanks for playing!
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Castle Village

140 Cabrini Boulevard, New York, NY