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Here Now, a Bizarre Ranch-Style Nursing Home in Bed-Stuy

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The King's County Public Administrator is auctioning off 16 Brooklyn properties next week, in the borough's usual process of selling properties owned by folks who passed away without wills. A tipster checking out the to-be-auctioned 15 Pulaski Street on Google Street View noticed the above property, just hangin' out next door at 13 Pulaski Street. The property appears to belong to the Salvation Army, and another site identifies it as a nursing home. Which makes the layout, if not the porthole or the columns, slightly more logical.

Sadly, 13 Pulaski isn't hitting the auction block, but our tipster also pointed out a fun property that is, at 244 Hawthorne Street (above). The location, both in terms of its spot in the neighborhood and the way it's overshadowed by its more hulking neighbor, leaves something to be desired. We could see Tim Burton doing something with this, though, especially given the starting bid of $359,000.
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