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Jaywalkers Rejoice as Mid-Avenue Walks Approved

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No longer will bumper-skirting pedestrians fear a ticket while jaywalking through traffic on streets between Sixth and Seventh Avenues in midtown. Not if they take 6th 1/2 Avenue—a series of privately owned public spaces (POPS) that wend its way from 51st Street to 57th Street. The not-quite-connected spaces will gain some cohesion by June, when the Dept. of Transportation installs a series of crosswalks with traffic lights that will allow pedestrians to cross the midtown west streets legally between 6th and 7th Avenue, thus creating a north-south route for walkers to pass from one public plaza to the next. There was some skepticism from Community Board 5 members about the DOT report finding that the extra stops wouldn't increase traffic in advance of a vote that granted approval for the project. "These findings defy logic. I don’t see how this will not cause congestion, but we’ll see."
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