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Casino Kingpin Makes Deal for NYC's Most Expensive Condo

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Millennium Partners' Christopher M. Jeffries might have chosen the perfect time to put his 50 Central Park South duplex on the market: shortly after the $88 million penthouse at 15 Central Park West sold, leaving a void of sorts in the city's high-end market. Jeffries asked an eye-popping $77.5 million for his four-bedroom property (with 900-square-foot living room!), the highest price of any condo for sale in the city. As it turns out, he's not quite getting that, but we don't think he'll be too disappointed. Casino mogul Steve Wynn has purchased Jeffries' penthouse, the Post reports?after negotiating a discount. Wynn will be paying $70 million, and since he's been on an epic real estate hunt since flipping his Plaza apartment in late 2010, he's probably happy to be done.

The high-profile 50 Central Park South listing never offered up more than one photo or so much as a hint of brokerbabble. But thanks to a Times profile, we know a bit more about the 10,882-square-foot apartment (maintenance: $18,057/month) than the listing is willing to reveal. For instance, there are his-and-hers dressing rooms and bathrooms, with the "her" rooms being the clear winners: the dressing room is more than 800 square feet, and the bathroom's got a soaking tub with park views.

We also have a floorplan:

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50 Central Park South

50 Central Park South, New York, NY