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Is This The Most Boring Apartment Available for $55 Million?

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Throw out a figure like $55 million for an apartment on Central Park and usually one's Pavlovian salivation response kicks into high gear. Unless the listing seems custom-designed to deaden any enthusiasm raised by the prospect of a 4BR/4.5BA apartment whose 5,800+ square feet is selling for almost $10K-per at The Plaza. The triple-combo unit on the 8th floor won't even be available for viewing until September at the earliest. How will buyers be able to contain their excitement until then?

Elsewhere in The Plaza, major pricechopping is afoot at the formerly $165K-a-month Astor Suite.

How would you like to save an extra $40K a month in rent? Here's your chance, now that one of the city's most expensive apartments got its rent chopped from $165K to $125K a month. What will you do with all that extra cash? Some downtown broker sniffed that all this record-setting and massive pricechopping is just media bait. Maybe, but the suite was occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, John F. Kennedy and the Vanderbilts when it was part of the hotel.

$55 Million Floor Plan

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