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New App Could Blanket NYC's Ugly Buildings With Virtual Murals

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Imagine you could walk through Times Square and instead of seeing the same obnoxious billboards, you could cover everything you see with original public art. A new augmented reality app called Re*Public wants to let you do just that. Created by NYC-based art group Public Ad Campaign and LA-based tech company The Heavy Projects, the app (not yet available to the public) reads the facades of buildings like a QR code to plaster murals and artworks on exterior surfaces so that it shifts with your perspective. The Atlantic reports that the point of the app is to redefine the relationship between public space and advertising, letting you choose whether or not you want to see that naked lady ad for a storage company, but personally, we'd use it to shield our eyes from the city's hideous buildings.

Artwork by Will Sherman shown in Times Square.

Original work by MOMO augmented over the Pearl Paint store on Canal Street. You can watch a video of how the app works over on the Atlantic.
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