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A Dedicated Bookworm's Loft Suffers In-Building Competition

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Though it's nice to see an apartment stuffed floor-to-ceiling with books, it seems that none of the volumes in this expansive Chelsea loft covered the art of pricing an apartment. The 3,500-square-foot spread, with 80s track lighting, bare bones decor, and a whole lot of books, sits on the 10th floor of 205 West 19th Street. The place was just listed yesterday for $4M, but no sooner did this one come on the market, than it's in-building competition—a similarly-sized loft in the same line on the sixth floor—received a healthy price chop after almost two months on the market. That apartment, which was recently renovated, shows much better than this one, with a brand-new kitchen, freshly painted walls, and a knockout master bathroom, and it's now priced at $3.65M. Perhaps the 10th floor seller thinks that the bohemian look sells, but our money's on the reno-ed one going first.

· 205 West 19th Street, 10-F [Warburg via Streeteasy]
· 205 West 19th Street - Apt: 6F [Corcoran via Streeteasy]