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Developer's Old UWS Penthouse Returns for Same Price

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Controversial developer Lawrence Gluck of Stellar Management?known for deregulation of apartments at Independence Plaza, among other activities?once owned a thoroughly uncontroversial penthouse at The Olcott on the Upper West Side. Gluck rid himself of the property for $5.5 million back in 2009, and his buyer seems to be lacking Gluck's magic touch when it comes to real estate. After one failed attempt to flip the property for $6.995 million, the penthouse has returned to market for the same price. Good luck with this one.

The listing has a few more photos:

And here's the floorplan:

· Listing: 27 West 72nd Street [Corcoran]
· Controversial Developer's Old UWS Penthouse Back on the Market [Curbed]

The Olcott

27 West 72nd Street, New York, NY