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UES Car Killer Tamed; Adam Yauch Gets Albany Shout-Out

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UPPER EAST SIDE—The car-killing pedestrian island on East 70th Street and First Avenue received the appropriate warning pylons this morning. [Curbedwire Inbox; previously]

BROOKLYN -> LOWER EAST SIDE—State senator Dan Squadron reads the recently departed Adam Yauch's civic-building accomplishments into the record:

WHEREAS, The music and message of the Beastie Boys evolved over the
years, but they can't, they don't, they won't stop changing the face of
hip-hop, of music, and of our culture; and
WHEREAS, The Beastie Boys exemplified New York through a period in
which grassroots creativity and a community of iconoclastic artists
helped redefine and rejuvenate a city on the ropes, with iconic imagery

from Brooklyn to Ludlow Street [Curbedwire Inbox; Official and full]