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Former Slope Factory Seeks DIY Townhouse Makeover

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If you're an avid HGTV watcher searching for a massive summer project, look no further than this former warehouse at 396 15th Street in Park Slope. Marketed as a "blank canvas" that's ready to be "turned into the townhouse of your dreams," the lot is just screaming for a makeover, and it's currently for sale by Real Direct for $1.5 million. The current 4,625-square-foot building is located one block from Prospect Park between 7th and 8th Avenues, and it's zoned residential R6B, which means that you could add on two floors, upping the total square footage to 7,000?plus, there's a backyard.

In case you're lacking in creativity, the lot's marketing team took the liberty of enlisting S.E.T Architecture PLLC to whip up some drawings to show how you could transform the space. They've added five bedrooms, three bathrooms, some lovely rooftop terraces, and they configured the space to be suitable for one family or two. The ground floor, which has a garage-style entry, is used entirely for parking in one plan, but the other shows the floor split to include some living space.

The current layout:

Possible floor plan for a 1-or 2-family townhouse with one parking space:

Possible floor plan for a two-family townhouse with the ground floor dedicated to parking:

How the facade would look with two new floors:

So, what do you think? Would you drop the cash to transform this house?

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