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50 Bond's Fourth Floor Hits Market as Fifth Enters Contract

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The pre-war loft building at 50 Bond Street has slowly but surely been converted from raw lofts into something befitting a block now known as "downtown’s most architecturally significant" (and getting more so). First there was the awesomely avant-garde fifth floor, with its glossy black kitchen, dark hardwood floors, and electric orange hallway. That place just entered contract for something close to its $6.37M asking price, after just two months on the market. No sooner had that one been snapped up than this one, just one floor down, appears on the market for $6M. A bit rougher around the edges than its upstairs counterpart, the 3,000-square-foot three bedroom still features some exposed brick, but combines that classic look with a modern kitchen and huge single-pane windows.
· 50 Bond Street 4FL [Aligned via Streeteasy]
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50 Bond Street

50 Bond Street, New York, NY