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Apartment Hunting Never Stops With Mobile App

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In this tight rental market, a prospective renter needs more than good references, a high credit score, and a number of bank checks to be able to cover mutiple months deposits and brokers fees on demand. A renter on the prowl needs an edge; and that advantage can be timely information. A new iOS app (compatible with most Apple iPhone and iPad devices ) connects users to Craigslist apartment listings through their mobile device. It's called HuntSmartly and was designed by Dushan Perera to give apartment seekers on the go a way to keep abreast of Craigslist apartment listings while dashing from one open house to the next.

HuntSmartly allows users to create an apartment search filter that specifies how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, and what kind of amenities (doorman/elevator/washer-dryer/elevator) you want, along with the desired rent range and whether you're willing to pay a broker fees or not. Filter in place, HuntSmartly then lets you pick the NYC borough and neighborhood where you want to live and mines Craigslist for appropriate ads. A nice touch is HuntSmartly's presentation of current StreetEasy info related to your geographic and criteria search: median price, median square footage, and how many matched listings are currently on StreetEasy. This is a good starting orientation before you hit the CraigsList ads, and the data that flows to HuntSmartly tracks fairly closely to what's on StreetEasy in real time.

After that you're essentially dealing with Craigslist ads in all their idiosyncratic, multiple-posting, ALLCAPS-EMPHASIZING glory. There are ancillary features like a travel function to figure out potential commutes or how to find an address; a neighborhood schools database, and a link to Yelp*. HuntSmartly is currently a free app that generates revenue by placing ads within its content, and is available through Apple's iTunes store online.
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