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Starchitect Annabelle Selldorf's New 10 Bond Plan Revealed

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Annabelle Selldorf presented a second plan for a new residential and retail development set to rise at 10 Bond Street on Tuesday, and the Landmarks Preservation Commission gave her new design a big dose of love. Gone are the rounded corners overlooking Lafayette Street, as seen in the previous plan that was termed "too timid" by the LPC in April. The horizontality that prevailed before has been replaced by a more robust framework, clad in terra cotta and Corten steel. The penthouse has been rethought, and is now topped with a trellis, a "celebratory moment" in the words of Selldorf, whose creative team envisions it softened by plantings growing tall over Noho.
The commissioners applauded Selldorf's new effort and declared, "Great architects always come back with something better." They were enraptured by the "inviting warmth of the materials," with one commissioner declaring, "I want to touch this building." They spoke lovingly of the interplay between strong steel and curving terra cotta, applauding the "delicacy of details" that display a combination of "texture, thoughtfulness and depth." The commissioners were clearly head over heels for Selldorf's new 10 Bond and gave the plan a resounding approval.

Earlier Monday the Commission also accorded a unanimous OK to the designation of 128 East 13th, a 1903 brick and terra cotta structure from the office of architects Jardine, Kent, and Jardine. Until 2003 it served as the studio for artist Frank Stella and is the only horse and carriage auction mart building that survives in New York City. When it came time to vote, the old stable received all ayes and nary a neigh was heard.
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10 Bond Street

10 Bond Street, New York, NY