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A 2BR Co-Op in Cobble Hill for $860K

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This week's contest is another example of a popular neighborhood's reputation bestowing a premium on Pricespotter guessers' assumptions. The median guess this week was $892,000 versus the actual ask of $860,000 for the 1,100 square foot 2BR/1BA co-op at 174 Pacific Street between Clinton and Court Streets. Guesses skewed even higher still, with a mean of $944K. It wasn't all love and over-estimating, however. As usual, there was plenty of room for complaints above and beyond a seller's perceived insanity for choosing a particular price point. "If there is one thing that irritates me more than anything when looking at New York real estate its window chopping. It entirely ruins the symmetry of a space. For that reason, I say $0 dollars. Yep, $0." That man loves his symmetry. A lot. Thanks for playing!
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