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Kips Bay Decorator Show House Bursts With Color at the Aldyn

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Folks were skeptical when the Kips Bay Decorator Show House opted to host this year's event in The Aldyn, a glassy new construction (and home of Knicks star Carmelo Anthony), rather than an older, elegant townhouse, but the designers managed to use the features of modern architecture to their advantage. Curbed National stopped by the show house when it opened yesterday, and it turns out that the floor-to-ceiling windows, blank white walls, and panoramic views of the Hudson River created an ideal canvas for designers to let loose. The two adjacent duplexes on floors 21 and 22, on the market for $15.9M and $16.9M, were flooded with color and rich details, like velvet-wrapped moldings, crystal-studded walls, and a built-in rotisserie in the kitchen. Here now, we have a seven-photo sampling of the designs, but to fully satiate your interior design cravings, head over to Curbed National for an epic 58-photo gallery.

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The Aldyn

60 Riverside Boulevard, New York, NY 10069