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Exploded Village Townhouse Asks $11M

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The Gold Coast townhouse at 18 West 11th Street was one of many in Greenwich Village built in middle of the 19th century and one of four on this block constructed by Henry Brevoort Jr. in 1845. More than a century later, in 1978, the destroyed townhouse was rebuilt to modern principles—thanks to a bomb blast, see below—creating a jagged modernist form that angles out toward the street. Though still encased in brick, this architectural sore thumb sticks out next to its traditional neighbors. Listed for almost $11M, the house has also lost its historic character on the inside, where beige tile flooring and an open staircase set the 70s vibe. The angled facade translates into a unique floor plan as well, while the garden has its own eccentricities: orange concrete planters and an organically shaped deck. UPDATE: Though this writer's circa 1986 brain couldn't process it, eagle-eyed commenters reminded us that this is, in fact, the very townhouse destroyed by a botched bomb building operation in 1970. For more on that epic tale, involving the infamous Weathermen, check out this New York Times piece.

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