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"Screwed" Lower East Side Board Approves Development Plan

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Community Board 3's land use committee narrowly voted in favor of the proposed Seward Park Mixed-Use Development Plan, but the dissenting voices made themselves heard. "You screwed us," said CB3 member Harvey Epstein, referring to the City's decision not to enshrine affordable housing as a permanent development requirement for the long-underused swath of land below Delancey Street. The vote was a close 12-9 in favor of approving the City's proposal, with one abstention, according to The Lo-Down. Other prominent demands voiced by the community at prior meetings has been the exclusion of big box stores from any development, and compensation for moving expenses to any business owners who move from the existing Essex Street Market to a new facility. The next step in the land use review process is a vote before the full community board. Supporters are stressing a need to trust the City and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.
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