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What if All New York City Skyscrapers Had Schools on Top?

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How about putting schools on the tops of NYC skyscrapers? The concept comes from a trio of Portuguese architects, whose idea won them an honorable mention in a contest called "Rooftops, Why Not?" The concept, like many a feature at the top of a tall building, is symbolic. The architects explain, via PSFK:

"'What if suddenly the education would become the highest (and most visible) value of a society? What if one day all the skyscrapers would have a school on the top?'?Assuming the will to fix, or at least to discuss, a biased system, it is proposed to offer public schools in places that are usually closed to society. Using the yellow color from the school buses and New Yorker cabs, and choosing very simple and abstract volumes pierced occasionally by simple geometries, the boxes would seem like a game for children."
The project page also has a few renders of the schools' interiors:

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