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Revealed: Long-Hidden Windows of Lexington Avenue

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Like the eyes of someone hidden in a dark room for too long, these west-facing windows at 139 East 79th Street remain shut tight. Once they faced Central Park across the Upper East Side, but they were masked for more than 40 years by the Hunter College School of Social Work, built in 1969. That hulking, grey, cinder block-looking building was torn down recently, revealing windows that were painted over and boarded up when they looked out on a completely different New York City. Now scrubs of green are growing from the sills and around the frames—temporarily. The Brodsky Organization purchased the property and is about to start building a 19-story residential building with 32 units that should again block out all light once it is finished.

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135 East 79th Street

135 East 79th Street, New York, NY