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These Wacky Art Projects Want To Get To Governors Island

Wacky public art comes to Governors Island for the summer courtesy of FIGMENT, a creative non-profit. And even more wacky public art comes to Governors Island the weekend of June 9-10, when the non-profit "transforms Governors Island into a large-scale collaborative artwork." A few of the artists hoping to participate have taken to Kickstarter for funding. Above, the Roeblingagon, "a dome-like installation inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge." In fact, backers who pledge $1,000 or more will receive a secret dinner for two under the Brooklyn Bridge. The Roeblingagon will also be at Burning Man, obviously.

Another installation hoping to travel to Governors Island is The Palm Authority Project, which features five giant inflatable hands (and audio!). And finally there's Touch (Off the Grid), which will be installed in Benjamin Jones's Governors Island treehouse.
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