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Inside the $15M Gilded Riverdale Mansion Built for Jesus

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You'd think that if you were trying to unload your mega-mansion, you'd open your doors to any visitors. Not so, as a Wall Street Journal reporter found out when she went in search of real-estate eye candy in the outer boroughs. The only place willing to welcome her? This mind-boggling gilded mansion in Riverdale, currently listed for just under $15 million. Built in 1928 for the second coming of Jesus (no joke), the 20-room mansion was not lived in until 1996. The original owners sold the estate to Manhattan College at some point, then current owner Sandra Galuten bought the house with her late husband in 1987. It took nine years to fully renovate the mansion, which had been gutted by fires and vandals.

The Galuten's restored the house to its original glory, packing in a dizzying array of astonishing decor?original works by Tiffany, Chagall, and Peter Max all hang on the walls. The artwork matches the extravagant materials: limestone walls, marble floors imported from the Vatican, gold- and silver-leafed ceilings, French walnut woodwork. The place is so stunning that it's been used as a setting in filming and photo shoots, appearing in everything from Gossip Girl to Italian Vogue to a forthcoming Whitney Houston tribute. To see if for yourself, check out our drool-worthy 16-photo gallery or you can click through to the Journal.
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360 West 253rd Street, Bronx, NY