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Plymouth Rocking It With More Residential Conversions

Plymouth Street is continuing its progress into modern Dumbo-hood with the planned conversion of 185 Plymouth to residential condos. The narrow cobblestone street already crowded with new construction will appear to spill into the lobby of the former brillo pad factory. Details written up at Brownstoner include plans for 9-10 large units with multiple bedrooms and 13- to 14-foot ceilings. Brooklyn's Community Board 2 has already approved of plans to alter 185 Plymouth's facade and build a rooftop addition for penthouse residences. The Landmarks Preservation Commission will hear the matter next Tuesday. The developer and architects behind 185 Plymouth are the same people who successfully converted 192 Water Street, which completely sold out with the help of a charming sales campaign featuring children's book illustrator Oliver Jeffers.
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185 Plymouth Street

185 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY