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East Village's Most Controversial Mansion Finally Occupied

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And we don't mean that in the Occupy sense. The Economakis family has finally moved in to 47 East 3rd Street, the Villager reports. The family has been fighting to convert the former 15-unit building since 2002, first moving to evict the tenants and finally convincing them to leave with buyouts. Once the building was empty, it took a two-and-a-half-year gut renovation to turn it into the single-family mansion the Economakis clan began calling home three weeks ago. (A medical facility is also leasing part of the ground floor, though it failed to get approval for a curb cut for a garage.) Alistair Economakis has a little told-ya-so moment in the pages of the Villager: "Catherine's and my intentions to make 47 E. Third St. our home were always true and genuine as is now evident." And let them eat cake.
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