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One57 Penthouse Sells for $90M+ in NYC's Biggest Deal Ever

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Yes, it actually happened: someone bought the penthouse at One57. The buyer will be paying more than $90 million but less than $100 million for the apartment?but at that level, how much does the exact price matter, anyway? The building's developer, Extell's Gary Barnett, tells the Times the buyer is "'a very nice family' who plans to use the penthouse as a residence, and as 'someone that people would recognize.'" He or she is also someone willing to go along with Barnett's craftiness: the deal happened more than three months ago, back when the apartment was asking a mere $98.5 million, but everyone agreed to keep it quiet so that Extell could raise the price to $115 million after the $88 million sale at 15 Central Park West. That purchase still has One57 beat in one respect: the price came out to more than $13,000/square foot, while the One57 sale was only about $8,000/square foot. A bargain!

As for the rest of the building, Barnett tells the Times half of One57's 92 apartments have found buyers. The building will be finished next year; in the meantime, the sales office is designed to look like an apartment.

The floorplans are only viewable to prospective buyers who come through the sales office?and they get to see those floorplans projected on a giant screen in the sales office's mock living room. The penthouse floorplan, designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen, looks like this:

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