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Slope Doormen Hog Parking Spots in Undercover 'Parking Ring'

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A doorman at 44 Prospect Park West spilled the beans to Brooklyn Paper about Park Slope's secret parking spot-saving system run by the doormen of the area's posh buildings. Dubbed a "parking ring," the unneighborly sceme hogs coveted parking spots on street cleaning days by leaving "un-parkable half-spaces in front of or behind the vehicles" that doormen move for tenants. When they need to park another car, they simply move a car forward to make space. Slopers say the scheme (which is not illegal?neighbors tried calling the cops) exacerbates a serious parking problem in the 'hood, and they are taking matters into their own hands, holding block associate meetings and issuing hand-written citations to cars that waste curb space.
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