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Greenwich Village Townhouse Seeking $7.5M

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A tipster wrote in to inform us that 17 Minetta Street, which, according to property records, sold for $5.1 million in 2010, has returned to market, and it has upped its ask to $7.5 million. Surprisingly, little seems to have changed about The three-floor, 2,380-square-foot townhouse (featured in this Observer post in 2010) in the past two years. It actually appears to be basically the same. To be fair, it does have quite a bit going for it—lots of natural light, a rooftop terrace, and a three-floor stainless steel staircase, just to name a few of its many features, but none of that explains the very dramatic 50% price increase. "Has the market made this much of a rebound or are townhouses in such a short supply in Greenwich Village that the prices have increased this much?" our tipster asked, and we have to admit, we're curious too.

· Listing: 17 Minetta Street [Corcoran]