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Musician Pretty Savvy with Real Estate; Buildings Are Tall

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1) This week's huntress, Dana, a musician/voiceover actress, bought (along with her boyfriend) two adjacent apartments in an Upper West Side building for a combined $1,435,500 in 2003. She didn't count on the combined maintenance fees, however, which totaled $2,900, so last fall she put the 2,100-square-foot combo unit on the market, asking for $2.3 million. To everyone's surprise but her own, the apartment sold for the ask, and Dana began looking for a new home that cost under one million. She first looked at a 1500-square-foot apartment in Harlem's Fifth on the Park, asking $929,000. After making the obligatory visit to Brookyln, she settled on a slightly larger, slightly more expensive Fifth on the Park pad. Sometimes everything just works out. [The Hunt/'A Home Base for a Touring Musician']

2) New York has a lot of buildings that claim to be the tallest, or among the tallest, and with good reason—by 2016 we could have 6 of the 10 tallest buildings in the country. Vying for the title of tallest residential building, One57 will be 1,004 feet tall when it's finished next year, but it's set to be passed by 432 Park Avenue, which is scheduled to top out at 1,398 feet in 2016. By that time, 1214 Fifth, which bills itself as the Tallest in the Upper East Side, is going to be the 183rd tallest building in the City. Also, Donald Trump says something mean about Frank Gehry. [Big Deal/'How’s the Weather Down There?']

3) Downtown Brooklyn has—not for the first time—succeeded in changing its identity as it is now a much more sought-after residential destination than it was a decade ago. It's now getting ever closer to catching up with Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights, and recently had its Borough Hall Skyscraper District approved. The nightlife is still lacking, though. [Living In/'To the Heights and the Slope, Add ‘Downtown’']