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One Man's Philanthropy Is Another's Amenity in Brooklyn

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BROOKLYN HEIGHTS—Last month Joshua Rechnitz made the single-largest donation to a NYC public park ever, donating $40 million for the construction of a competitive cycling track, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and gymnastics courts, and a boathouse near Pier 5. That donation is now being marketed as an amenity at One Brooklyn Bridge Park. A tipster send us the digital brochure (part of which is above) that exclaims:

"'The largest single gift in the history of the city's parks system" has just been given and the lucky recipient is Brooklyn Bridge Park! $40 million have been donated for the construction of a massive massive 115,000 square-foot field house with a 200-meter inclined cycling track, 2,500 seats, and an infield for other sports including tennis and basketball. The structure will allow for year-round competitive racing and athletics. Read more about this latest development [here].

Cyclist or spectator, visit to find out why life at One Brooklyn Bridge Park is truly one of a kind.

We hope the developers remember to send Joshua Rechnitz a nice thank you note for his generous gift. [Curbedwire Inbox]

One Brooklyn Bridge Park

360 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY