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On Prospect Park Goes Big With $4.9M, $5.1M Penthouse Sales

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Richard Meier's On Prospect Park has endured several rounds of price cuts and a broker switch in an effort to sell out the Richard Meier-designed building. But it appears to have emerged from its troubled times relatively unscathed. Brownstoner spots two substantial new deals in the building. PH16N has sold for $4.9 million, and PH16S sold for $5.1 million. (We visited both units last year.) Not only are those the most expensive sales for the building, but they're also among the priciest condo sales recorded in the borough as a whole. 'Stoner hears that the buyer of the less expensive penthouse already has a place in the building?which actually makes us a little sad, given the loneliness concerns that have been expressed about OPP.

Still, there are opportunities for warm bodies looking to fill the rest of the building: StreetEasy shows five active listings, with an average ask of $998/square foot. (The average price for recorded sales is $922/square foot.)
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Richard Meier On Prospect Park

1 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238