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Here Now, Nine Aerial Views of Secluded New York Rooftops

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Photographer Alex MacLean looks down from his Robinson R22 helicopter as if enjoying the view from PH Olympus. That gods-eye perspective is the only way many will ever glimpse the roof top havens of those who live among the pinnacles of New York City real estate. MacLean's book, "Up On The Roof, New York's Hidden Skyline Spaces," is an aerial survey of those aeries. The publisherbabble: "Depicting not only the city's famous water towers, but pools, tennis courts, gardens, sunbathers, art, and restaurants up in the air, MacLean's powerful images give readers a glimpse of a part of the city that usually remains hidden." The Times notes how MacLean's book imparts a sense that rooftops are the future of greenspace in New York.
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