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Time for Mars Bar Shots: Real or Miniature?

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One of these Mars Bars is a real photo of the recently destroyed East Village landmark of low-drinking; the other is a miniature created by Californian Randy Hage, who has been sculpting 1/12th scale models of New York storefronts for years. Hage is a professional model maker for the film and television industry. In a 2010 interview with Vanishing New York, he tells what caused him to step up his efforts to model New York.
I remember one instance in particular that prompted me to seriously focus on this project. I was on my way to revisit a Brooklyn donut shop that I had photographed a year earlier. I thought that I was in the right location but could not find it. I did a GPS location check on my iPhone and realized that I was standing right in front of it. The storefront was gone. It had been replaced by a generic, forgettable façade.

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