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Unbuilt Eco-Friendly Project Opens for Sales in Chelsea

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The view from the kitchen...of the sales office.
The view from the kitchen...of the sales office.

[Photos by Will Femia.]

As the economy picks up, so does an old NYC real estate tradition: the fancy sales office. The most notable current sales office designed to look like an apartment is, of course, the one at One57, but a not-yet-built Chelsea building is trying the same trick. Curbed photographer Will Femia swung by the sales office for 151 West 21st Street, a building that's still just a hole in the ground, to check out the model unit in the sales gallery. The building, called Chelsea Green, officially launched sales last week, and the similarity to the name of Village Green is no coincidence. The two projects have the same developer and the same eco aspirations, but Chelsea Green will be a little bigger, with 51 units (one-to-three-bedrooms and a four-bedroom penthouse).
Prices start at $799,000, and the building should be done and ready for occupancy in fall 2013. The building's making a big deal about its green features?according to the marketing materials, the building might be "the first LEED Version 3 Gold-certified project in the United States"?and those include a solar thermal system that will take care of about 60 percent of the building's hot water needs. There's also an Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control system that "minimizes exposure of residents to airborne pollutants and improves insulation between apartments," which should shrink the number of lawsuits as well as making residents feel good about themselves.
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Chelsea Green

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