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Last Dance for Millenium Hotel's 1970s Decor Sanctums

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It's the last days of disco at The Millenium UN Plaza Hotel, with the hotel organization prepared to turn out the lights on two of the hotel's public spaces that were once perceived as modernist brilliance, but now are categorized as "beyond shabby chic" in The Wall Street Journal by Grace Leo, a Paris-based hotel consultant. Architect Kevin Roche designed the lobby of the Millenium and its Ambassador Grill in a 70s style with a lot of mirrors and things like neon-lit wine racks. A review of the grill in NY Mag reads, "Welcome, narcissists. Here, almost every surface reflects you." The lobby atrium and the Ambassador Grill have outlasted a lot of things that seemed like great ideas during a decade whose remnants were scrubbed more quickly from out collective style-consciousness, although the basement restaurant hasn't served lunch or dinner in years. Roche seems sanguine about the prospect of his interiors getting 86'd from the hotel. Kyle Johnson curated a recent retrospective about Roche at the Museum of the City of NY, however, and is concerned that stripping Roche's interiors would be a mistake when the 1970s look could be making a comeback at any time. "You don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater," Johnson said. We're imagining a 40-year-old "baby" sitting in a stagnant pool of bathwater.
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