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250 West Street 70% Sold; An Open Letter to Barbra Streisand

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TRIBECA—The once-stalled warehouse-to-condo conversion 250 West Street, designed by Gal Nauer Architects, has sold 70 percent of its 106 units. A press release says that the residences cover 30 different layouts with square footage ranging from 1,211 to 4,800. The exclusive sales and marketing agent for the building, says, "Demand has been strong for all apartment types, from open lofts to huge four-bedroom homes, and sales have increased each month since January." [Curbedwire Inbox]

PROSPECT HEIGHTS—Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn has penned an open letter to Barbra Streisand and Leonard Cohen, who both recently announced concerts at the Barclays Center, urging the superstars to learn about the fight against Atlantic Yards:

As artists of your stature and caliber, as artists with a history of philanthropy, social justice and civil liberty advocacy, and protest lyrics, we strongly urge you to take on every citizen's responsibility to learn about the history behind the venue you are associating yourselves with. We believe you won't like what you discover.

The history behind the Barclays Center is an ugly one. It represents so much of what is wrong with our government, particularly crony capitalism and the abuse of power.

The lengthy letter goes on to point out a few of the stars' causes of choice, and it lists some of the abuses that "led to the construction of the Barclays Center."
[Curbedwire Inbox; Full letter]

Barclays Center

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