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Cornerspotted: J.J. Byrne Park in Park Slope

Yesterday's Cornerspotter feature generated A LOT of guesses, but they weren't able to tease out the location, which is the corner of Fifth Avenue and 3rd Street in Park Slope, looking south towards Fourth Avenue and 4th Street. In the background of the historical photo, one can make out the waterfront industries that lined the Gowanus Canal and the Brooklyn waterfront in 1922. Those familiar with the neighborhood today will know this corner as across the street from the bar The Gate. The sad looking lot in yesterday's picture recently underwent a refurbishment as J.J. Byrne Park, and it's where the Old Stone House presently stands. The Old Stone House in Park Slope is a landmark (once moved) for where 18th century soldiers from Maryland made a valiant but doomed stand against the British, covering the successful escape of General Washington's fledgling and overmatched army in the earliest days of the Revolutionary War. Thanks for playing!
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