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Victors Emerge from the Preservation Deathmatch

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The winners of the social media popularity contest known as Partners in Preservation have been announced, and the top three sites, each nabbing $250,000, were as expected. The main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library (9 percent of the votes) will restore its grand front doors, Congregation Beth Elohim in Park Slope (8 percent) will preserve its stained glass windows, and the New York Botanical Garden (7 percent) is putting the money toward its rock garden. Bartow-Pell Mansion in the Bronx won fourth place, and it gets $155,000 to restore parts of the museum's gardens. The remaining $2.1 million will be divvied up per the recommendations of an advisory panel, so the other 36 sites, spread out across the five boroughs, still have a chance to claim some cash, albeit probably not enough to cover their preservation costs.
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