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Take a New Look at Coach's Expanding Hudson Yards Home

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The promotion of Hudson Yards has been moving along much more quickly than the actual construction. No surprise there, but today's Post gives us a better sense of just how long we'll have to wait for the megaproject's office towers to get rolling.Developer Related will start construction in October, once it has signed a 99-year ground lease with the MTA and sold some of the future tower's floors to Coach. The retailer will be taking 750,000 square feet in the building, more than previously announced, with an option for another 100,000 square feet. That could mean the tower will be half-full for its 2015 opening. Its frame might also be built of reinforced concrete, an NYC rarity, rather than steel. Really, though, we wrote this post just for a reason to put up the new rendering, seen at right.
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Hudson Yards

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