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Scarano's Prince of Darkness Wants to Rule Rental Market

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Robert Scarano's Prince of Darkness has not, contrary to our suspicions, been turned into a frog. The hulking 14-unit condo at 365 Union Avenue has maintained a steady silence, even after new investor owners promised last year that the units would be coming to market soon. But hear ye, folks, the prince is finally back! And as rental apartments! There are seven listings on the site so far, ranging from $2,825/month for a 1BR to $3,900/month for a 1.5BR. (There's a 2BR in there, too, for $3,600/month.) There's no mention of the barredchitect in the brokerbabble, but, shhh, Scarano's fingerprints are all over those mezzanines.
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365 Union Avenue

365 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY