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Someone Just Bought Greenpoint's Sweater Factory Lofts

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The latest development at perpetual Greenpoint headscratcher the Sweater Factory Lofts has us, if possible, even more puzzled. The building just changed hands for $9.1 million, according to a deed that hit public record this morning. The buyer is an LLC, so we don't know anything about who has plans for this building or what those plans might be. But the building's long and slightly sordid history means our mind is slightly boggled by that sale price.

To recap that history: the tenants of 239 Banker Street were ordered to vacate the building back in 2009. The apartments recently returned to market with new pricing, and last we heard, someone had filed for coverage under the Loft Law extension to legalize residential use of the building. StreetEasy shows eight active rental listings, ranging in price from $2,799/month to $3,795/month. Those are all points that could inspire a buyer's interest in the building. But in the negative column are two DOB notes that the building is under structural monitoring and was inspected for failure to maintain. Anyone know what's going on here? Please tell the tipline.
?Photo via New York Shitty.
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239 Banker Street

239 Banker Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222