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Really Rich Family Gives Up Fifth Avenue Mansion Dreams

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Sometimes even the best-laid plans of really rich people fall through. Take the case of tower builder Howard Ronson, who once dreamed of buying up all of 828 Fifth Avenue and restoring it to single-family mansion glory. Ronson?and his family after Ronson's death in 2007?purchased a duplex in the building, a maisonette, a full-floor co-op, and a penthouse. They're so close?but the Ronsons are giving up the dream. They're putting all of their 828 Fifth holdings, 15,080 square feet plus a wine cellar and a few terraces, on the market for a whopping $72 million. The family spends most of its time in Monaco these days, the Journal explains, and why not get out while the going at the high end of the New York market seems so good?

The Ronsons combined some of their purchases, so what was a nine-unit building now contains just five units. Whoever buys the Ronson holdings (and we don't see listings online yet, but it appears they're only available as a package) could certainly try to buy out the rest of the building's occupants and continue with the mansion mission. Since the co-op just switched to condo rules, meaning that current owners won't be able to rule out buyers they dislike, such a buyer might actually have a shot at driving the neighbors out.

Without official listings we can't gawk at the full slate of Ronson apartments, but a few of them have gone on the rental market over the past few years, which means there are floorplans online. Here's one for the maisonette:

And here's one for the penthouse:

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828 Fifth Avenue

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