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Tribeca's Best Staircase Returns to Market for $8 Million

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Tribeca's been on a roll lately when it comes to blow-us-away real estate suddenly deciding to remind us it exists. This duplex at 16 Jay Street doesn't have quite the bravado of 144 Duane Street, the shoe factory-turned-mansion that recently raised its price to $49.5 million. 16 Jay is looking for attention with a PriceChopper instead. The 4,200-square-foot apartment was asking $9 million last year, and this time it's seeking just $8 million.
Given that the owner spent $2.212 million on the place in 2002, we guessed that it had undergone a thorough renovation since. The new brokerbabble confirms that?the property had an 18-month, more-than-$2 million renovation, as it happens. And the owner, whom a tipster identifies as textile artist Gianluca Berardi, was pretty heavily involved. The brokerbabble explains:

The centerpiece of the duplex is a cast-iron and mahogany staircase that was welded together inside the home. It's backed by an oxidized copper screen that the owner spent six months crafting by hand. The roughly 4,200-square-foot space is full of the owner's paintings, sculptures and textiles. The study has a linen-covered wall embroidered with silk and metal threads. The master bedroom has walls covered in cotton-satin panels with hand-embroidered silk to resemble a Japanese bamboo garden. The huge spa-like master bathroom is one of the home's 2 ½ bathrooms. On the upper level of the condo is a column plastered with rusted metals and brass, which took the owner four months to fabricate. Outside the high-ceilinged living room is a 900-square foot patio with heated limestone flooring and plantings, and a day bed at the foot of a 25-foot sculpture that is framed by concrete columns with backlit plexiglass panels. We can only imagine how hard it was for the owner to come around to a lower price.

Here's the floorplan from the old listing:

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