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Chelsea to High Line Tourists: We Pretty Much Hate You

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It's no secret that many Chelsea residents aren't enamored with the High Line, and now someone is trying to get the message out via flyers directed at the 3 million yearly tourists who trample through the picturesque streets to get to the sky-high park. While not nearly as aggressive as the anti-tourist approach Soho citizens are taking, the flyers have quite a few choice words for the outsiders. Jeremiah Moss posted a picture of the flyer on his blog?here are some highlights:

"West Chelsea is not Times Square. It is not a tourist attraction." "Buildings are not tourist attractions: people live there, and sitting on the steps and taking pictures is as invasive, rude and inappropriate as a group of strangers sitting on the steps of your home and taking pictures of it and you from the yard."

"Observe New York sidewalk etiquette. That means do not walk more than two people in a row down the sidewalk. Otherwise you clog the sidewalk for people to pass by either way."

"If you see an empty space, leave it empty. Otherwise there will be no spaces for New Yorkers. ?and if you love New York, leave it alone."

It's a little silly to say West Chelsea is not a tourist attraction (with 50 million of them coming through, aren't they just about everywhere?), but at least Chelsea residents aren't beating tourists to the ground.
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