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Christopher Meloni's Condo Now Comes With a Porsche

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The last time Law and Order: SVU star Christopher Meloni tried to sell an apartment, he ended up taking a $60,000 loss. This time around, he's got a plan and it doesn't include fondling any sweaters. Meloni is offering a door prize of a 2013 Porsche Panamera Hybrid with the sale of his midtown condo provided someone buys the place before June 1, which means there's just over a week left until the offer expires. The last time we saw the old car-as-door-prize trick, it was literally an old car as a door prize—someone was offering a used Hyundai with their Kensington apartment. Considering that Meloni is asking $12,000,000 for his apartment and the Porsche Panamera goes for $96,150 off the lot, this probably isn't actually that huge of an inducement for potential buyers. Maybe if he threw in his bottle of dick cream...

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